Jackie McLeod’s skills… and knowledge of fire management, has been invaluable.

“Jackie McLeod has been engaged by Ewamian Limited over the past three years as a key land management consultant and has played an integral role in the restructure of our ranger program at Talaroo Indigenous Protected Area and Nature Refuge. Her skills and experience and passion in conservation and land management, in particular her knowledge of fire management, has been invaluable. Firecraft Environmental developed our first integrated 5-year strategic plan – Fire, Weed and Feral Animal Management Plan which was achieved through detailed consultation with our funders, management, the board and our rangers, and understanding our goals and aspirations and prioritising management for us to achieve our objectives. She has also assisted in developing partnerships with key stakeholders, policies and procedures in all aspects of land management for Talaroo incorporating the tourism business to ensure that our visitors are educated about our objectives to manage and protect biodiversity. Jackie continues to provide advice and training for our rangers to ensure the effective implementation of the program which is funded by the Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program (State) and the Indigenous Protected Areas Program (Commonwealth).”

Sharon Prior
General Manager, Ewamian Limited Talaroo IPA and NR, Talaroo Hot Springs

A pleasure to work with

“We contacted Jackie from Firecraft Environmental when our local council planning department informed us that a Bushfire Risk Hazard Overlay was holding our Building Application back. Jackie was extremely efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with. Jackie found a major discrepancy in the overlay map and what was actually present on site, as a result of this assessment and Jackie’s correspondence with council we have been permitted to build where we originally planned with a low fire risk which has saved us thousands in additional soil testing, septic design and Engineers fees. Thank you Jackie it has been a pleasure.”

Kelly Saunders
Murray Upper, North Queensland

Firecraft Environmental delivered promptly

“We contacted Jackie from Firecraft Environmental requesting a ‘Site-Specific Bushfire Hazard Report’ and supporting documentation – outlining her extensive experience and qualifications in this extreme niche field of expertise. Firecraft delivered promptly with supplying us with quality reporting and documenting of all bushfire related issues which were earmarked to be addressed. We feel the report Jackie provided was thorough indicating a complete understanding of Bushfire Prone Area maps, regional ecosystem vegetation, they provided advice on the potential bushfire intensity and potential impact buffer consequently Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) ratings.

Firecraft were engaged with a fast turnaround supplying us with surveying and our report within the week which enabled us to keep our design process moving. Without this service we would not have been able to meet the requirements for our development and thus abandoning the project completely. Dawson Engineering highly recommends Firecraft Environmental for all project of this nature and would not hesitate in engaging them for all future works.”

Nicole Dawson
Architectural Technician / Project Administration – Dawson’s Group of Companies

Efficient and thorough

“JMc Architects required a ‘site-specific bushfire hazard assessment’ for substantial new residence located at the summit of Mount Smithfield. This report was provided to our Building Certifier in order to modify the Bush Fire Overlay BAL rating (determined largely by the sites surrounding vegetation). The report prepared by Firecraft Environmental was of a very high quality outlining extensive research and site investigations. Jackie was attentive to the client’s needs and efficient and thorough in her responses during her engagement.”

It is evident from the report, Jackie spent ample time on site measuring and reporting on the site vegetation. The submitted report displayed a thorough understanding of the project objectives and the bushfire hazards that applied to it. We are extremely grateful for the work provided by Firecraft Environmental and the personal and efficient services of Jackie. It’s highly advantageous to JMC Architects to have this specialist consultancy team in our region, Far North Queensland, and we would highly recommend her services as a specialist consultant for site-specific bushfire hazard reporting for any of your future projects.”

Julianne Field
Architect + Director – JMC Architects

Diligent, dependable, hard-working and conscientious

“At all times I have found Jackie McLeod to be diligent, dependable, hard-working and conscientious in all aspects of her project management work. As a former subcontractor of mine, and also a former colleague, I have collaborated with Jackie during numerous natural resource management projects across a variety of northern Australia landscapes. Jackie’s dedication, tenacity and ability to problem solve has always ensured projects are completed professionally within scope, on time and within budget. Jackie’s innovative and lateral thinking ensures that she is constantly searching for more effective and efficient methods to complete works – a trait that always benefits her clients. I would have no hesitation in working collaboratively with Jackie in the future.”

Kade Small
Former Environmental Coordinator – South QLD for Spotless (Contracted to Depart. of Defence)
Former Operations Manager for Friendly Fire Ecological Consultants
Former Forest and Fire Officer with the Depart. of Environment and Primary Industries (Vic Government)

A talent for project management

“Having worked with Jackie on several projects over the years, I am impressed with her abilities to coordinate important fire ecology projects. Jackie has the capacity to ensure logistically difficult projects are implemented successfully. She has the unique combination of ecological knowledge, coupled with practical fire implementation skills, with a talent for project management.”

Dr. Paul Williams
Vegetation Management Science

Going above and beyond

Tony Johnstone“I have worked with Jackie for the last eight years on various fire projects and at all times she has shown the utmost professionalism and gone above and beyond what is required to make sure she fulfils expectations. She has a high level of commitment to her colleagues and clients and an excellent understanding of operational fire management planning and risk management. Her ability to coordinate projects, willingness to succeed and passion for the environment makes Jackie a valuable asset to any land management project.”

Tony Johnstone
Adventure Survival and Fire Management Training
Department of Natural Resources and Mines