Firecraft Environmental provides contracting, consulting, project management and land management services in the fields of ecology and environmental science. We specialise in crafting fire specific to ecosystems, property and asset protection, and wildfire mitigation requirements. We offer vegetation management solutions, firebreak installation and maintenance and construction and civil earthwork.

Our contracting services include delivery of both small and large-scale fire projects using a combination of on-ground burning and aerial incendiary. Developing fire management plans and managing fire using traditional practice in the contemporary Australian environment is what we do best. Through our project management we share knowledge with our clients to nurture purposeful decisions for sustainable fire regimes. We close the information gaps to reduce uncertainty in the community about fire and promote public and stakeholder awareness of responsible fire practices.

We have extensive experience in inter-organisational fire projects and coordinating complex burns to achieve multiple objectives.

Please see  Services for information on vegetation and pest plant management and earthworks we offer.