Firecraft Environmental is an environmental consultancy located in Far North Queensland (FNQ) specialising in fire management and planning, and bushfire hazard assessment and reporting. We provide advice and services for all aspects of fire management and bushfire risk assessments and mitigation plans for developments and council approval processes. Firecraft are unique in that our consultants are also fire management practitioners. We have extensive experience in inter-organisational land management projects and coordinating complex projects to achieve multiple objectives.

We base our fire management advice on:

  • past experience from undertaking complex burn programs,
  • current industry practices,
  • solutions for expected burn program constraints, and
  • realistic outcomes.

We service local and state government agencies and all big and small corporations with land management and environmental obligations across Queensland. Through our project management, we share knowledge with our clients to nurture purposeful decisions for sustainable fire regimes.

Our bushfire hazard assessments, site-specific assessments, and bushfire mitigation plans reflect our background knowledge and experience in risk identification, fire behaviour, and planning for fire events in areas currently determined as bushfire prone areas. We close the information gaps to reduce uncertainty for our clients and the community about fire, and we promote public and stakeholder awareness of responsible fire practices.