• Fire Management Plans
  • Burn Implementation Plan development
  • Fire strategy development
  • Fire-scar interpretation
  • Ecological, hazard reduction and asset protection burning
  • Fuel hazard assessments
  • Aerial incendiary operations and navigation
  • Burn project coordination

Firebreaks and earthworks

  • Installation of new firebreaks and advice for firebreak placement
  • GIS data creation for firebreak location
  • Maintenance and repair of firebreaks
  • Forest and urban/rural interface firebreaks
  • Minimising soil erosion and channeling
  • Constructing firebreaks as roads and combined with fence lines
  • Chemical firebreaks in areas of difficult access
  • Slashing
  • All types of earthwork: construction and civil roadwork, excavation, demolition and landscaping


  • Site preparation – ripping, slashing, access tracks, soil erosion and hydrology
  • Revegetation contracting
  • Revegetation Plans and programs
  • Monitoring programs
  • Maintenance and weed control


  • Vegetation Management Plans
  • Plant and equipment  Hygiene Plans/Programs
  • Herbicide applications and all contracting services for pest plant control and eradication
  • Integration with fire management
  • Pest plant identification and GIS data for infestations
  • Manual clearing and revegeation
  • Monitoring programs: visual assessments, statistical comparison, change in plant population composition


Other Services

    • Environmental project management
    • Site-specific bushfire hazard assessments and reporting (BAL)
    • Climate change adaptation plan implementation
    • GIS and mapping
    • Vegetation surveying and assessments
Combating Calotropis (Calotropis procera)