Our Experience

The combined experience and accomplishments of our directors has been obtained through significant involvement across a diverse collection of projects and range of entities, while undertaking work for previous employers and sub-contracting services.

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  • Site-specific bushfire hazard assessment and vegetation surveying (2019) – JMC Architects, Cairns Area
  • Mount Molloy rural grazing property (2018): Revegetation plan, site preparation, ripping and planting tube stock
  • The University of Sydney (2018), Invasive Asian Honey Bee collection for assisting the genetic analysis program, drone trapping using balloon and pheromone technique.
  • Mount Isa Airport (2018), Development of the 2018-2020 fire management program, and hazard reduction burns 2018 in old-growth spinifex
  • Jumbun, Murray Falls, Indigenous Land Corporation (2017-2018): Wet-season burns, Fire management planning and overall fuel hazard assessment, prescribed burns for infrastructure protection and ecological maintenance
  •  Mount Molloy rural grazing property (December 2017): Storm burns for weed eradication
  • ASX listed mining company, NQ (2017): Property assessment and development of fire management plan to satisfy requirements of strategic biodiversity offset plan and co-development of burn management program for 2017-2018

Mark Wessels

  • Federal Government Department, NQ Burn Programs (2011 – 2017): interpretation of strategic planning to develop burn plans. Compliance and risk management, quality assurance, project management, GIS analysis and map production, reporting and future recommendations for annual burn program
  • Federal Government Department, NQ Burn Program (2015 – 2017): Implementation of on-ground and aerial burning, hazard reduction burns, roadside burning, asset protection and ecological maintenance
  • ASX listed mining company, NQ (2016): review of existing burn program and fire frequency and intensity over time, consultation and advice to mitigate the impacts of late hot wildfires for fire regime, reporting
  • ASX listed mining company, NQ (2015 – 2017): risk management and project management of annual burn program, burn implementation plan development, quality assurance
  • Federal Government Department, NQ Burn Program (2016 – 2017): Overall fuel hazard assessments, measuring and assessing fuel strata, reporting/advice on predicted fire behaviour for infrastructure protection burns, wildfire mitigation and ecological burning, spatial data and mapping of hazardous fuels
  • Mitchellvale, Mount Molloy rural grazing property (2007 – 2017): all aspects of land management and maintenance, feral animal control (wild pigs, cats and cattle), erosion control, implementation of weed management program, firebreak installation and maintenance, fire management program implementation
  • ASX listed mining company, Central West QLD (2012 – 2015): compilation of burn plan and risk management documentation, project management of the annual cooperative burn program, logistics and procurement, 2014 assistance in the study investigating various ignition technique and fire behaviour and rate of spread in spinifex communities, 2015 implementation of burn program to include hazard reduction and ecological burning in spinifex communities

Jackie McLeod

  • Torres Strait (2014): Consultation and advice on legislative obligations and achieving entity fire management principles through practice. Burn policy and procedure establishment and document development, collaboration with burn program coordinators to establish a management system and supporting documentation for ongoing fire management
  • Whitsunday Islands, (2014): Co-development of Fire Management Plan to include the reestablishment of an appropriate fire regime with the over-population of the rock wallaby
  • Nationally accredited training (2012 – 2015): Co-development of Level 1 fire management training course materials and handbooks and supporting delivery documentation
  • Nationally accredited training (2015-2016): Review of Level 1 fire management training materials and integration with agency standards, co-delivery of Level 1 fire management training
  • QLD airports (2014 – 2016): stakeholder coordination and burn plan compilation, risk management to mitigate impacts on airfield activity, 2015 -2016 implementation of hazard reduction burns
  • Wildlife reserves QLD, (2006-2008): restoration and rehabilitation of degraded habitats, aerial surveying, feral animal control (wild pigs, brumbies, cats and cattle), erosion control, implementation of weed management program, fauna trapping (mist nets, Elliot and pitfall traps) and surveying and monitoring, firebreak installation and maintenance, fire management program implementation, habitat maintenance for endangered species programs, and wildfire response
  • Coastal areas, Southern QLD (2009-2010): Ibis nest and egg removal program, coastal and dune revegetation, establishment and certification of Integrated Management Systems (quality, safety, environment)
  • Queensland State Government, NQ (2000 to 2002): Papaya fruit-fly eradication and feral animal control (dogs, cats, pigs): coordination of the Papaya fruit-fly program with field crews baiting and trapping over the second largest target area in Queensland. Integrated feral animal control, baiting, trapping and disposal