Landslides – disaster or renewal?

Firecraft were left in awe this week and totally humbled by the stark contrast of the ancient forest greenery against the scar on Thornton Peak from the slump landslide. A major geological event that occurred in the Daintree rainforest in July 2018 after significant rainfall.

Some may consider it an environmental disaster having an impact on our oldest rainforest…… or does it have important ecological function similar to a volcano?? Certainly sparks thoughts of what will grow there and inhabit it in our lifetime before it develops its pre-landslide complexity long into the future again.

Is the Great Bowerbird a seasoned fire manager?


This Great Bowerbird (Chlamydera nuchalis) bower scattered with snail shells, gravel and various colourful treasures was admired today by Firecraft Crew in the Mt Garnet area.

Bowerbirds have always been recognised for their construction abilities, pedantic arrangement of bowers and particular adornments they choose to scatter around the cleared area of the bower to attract females.

But is the cleared area only to make the bower standout?? Some researchers believe these species of bowerbird may have adapted to fire prone environments by deliberately clearing a ‘firebreak’ around their bower to protect it from wildfire…..

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