Mark Wessels: Director/Operations

Mark has 20 years’ experience in land and rural property management and conservation; having worked for Department of Primary Industries, Australian Wildlife Conservancy and Department of Defence and private corporations. Mark is one of the most successful fire management practitioners in Queensland implementing large-scale burn projects over many landscape-scale properties with complex topography, diversity in vegetation and competing management objectives. Mark has 10 years’ experience as a fire manager crafting all types of fire.

Mark has extensive experience in implementing feral animal control, vegetation surveying, weed control programs and aerial and on-ground fire management. He also possesses a solid background in mining and construction and safety and environmental compliance requirements in these industries. Mark is a highly regarded operator of all earthwork machinery and is proficient in advice and  construction of  firebreaks. Mark manages the operations of our earthwork projects.

Mark manages all operations and provides advice and consultation on all land management projects. Mark coordinates burn crews on fire and weed projects ensuring  plans are implemented to satisfy client requirements and to achieve burn program objectives. Mark ensures our management and safety systems are effectively implemented in the field and monitors existing processes to manage risk and ensure operational success.

Mark Wessels - Director/Operations

Jackie McLeod: Director/Principal Consultant

Jackie’s strengths lie in bridging the gap between planning and operational phases of fire projects and developing realistic burn management plans. She has the unique combination of ecological knowledge, coupled with practical fire implementation skills, with a talent for project management. She has 7 years’ experience developing burn management plans, burn implementation plans (operational), fire management system documentation and application of geographic information systems (GIS) to develop burn maps. Jackie has developed plans for mining corporations, Department of Defence, Aboriginal land councils, airports and RAAF Bases, corporate entities and various environmental land councils with specific conservation objectives.

As a practitioner and consultant Jackie has provided advice on burn programs and burn projects from inception to reporting stages of projects over several bioregions in Queensland. Jackie’s has extensive experience in identifying risks, coordinating projects and seasonal burn programs to ensure timely delivery of safe burn programs. Her previous background is in private consulting with experience including revegetation of coastal and dunal ecosytems, research assistant for environmental management planning, establishment of environmental management systems (EMS) and environmental project management.

Jackie McLeod - Director/Principal Consultant