Mission, Vision and Values


Firecraft Environmental brings innovative solutions to clients for fire and vegetation management by crafting fire specific to ecosystems, and achieving bushfire risk mitigation and multiple land management objectives.


To be the leading organisation in ecological fire management and wildfire mitigation, making a positive change to: sustain ecosystem services, improve biodiversity and protect natural and economic resources, provide environmental educational programs and expand conservation services.


Firecraft Environmental will be guided by our values that consider our employees, clients, stakeholders and community:


We have a commitment to:

  • the environment and ensure our advice and delivery of services is precautionary and adaptive
  • increasing public awareness of the need for appropriate fire regimes and decreasing uncertainty about the landscape scale application of fire
  • working closely with our clients to promote the interests of the entity, to provide advice to achieve objectives and deliver services that satisfy time horizons
  • providing a safe working environment for our employees
  • a collaborative approach with stakeholders to manage hazards and environmental obligations efficiently.


We encourage a culture of openness, cooperativeness and information sharing with our clients, stakeholders and the community to build a solid knowledge base for developing more informative decision-making on purposeful fire and land management in an ethical and professional manner.


The safety of our staff, contractors, clients and the community are the values guiding all of our operations.  We strive to give our clients the best possible outcome for bushfire mitigation and ameliorate risk to the wider community of the potential impacts of unplanned fire. We strive to be the industry leaders in site specific risk identification and control and by ensuring our practice and procedure is conducted safely and responsibly.